George Oikonomou, our executive chef

Royal’s Chef George Oikonomou was born and raised in Athens. As a dynamic teenager, he had to find a channel for his considerable energy and a means of expressing himself. Following the advice of a good friend, he attended culinary school at the age of 18 while apprenticing at an Athenian seaside fish restaurant. He first came to Mykonos in 2000 to work at a famous fish restaurant and joined our Myconian Collection family in 2005 as sous-chef. Moving on three years later to take on a position as head chef in a popular Athenian bistro, he returned to the Royal Myconian as Head Chef in 2014 and has been here ever since. Mykonos feels like home to him and after all these years, he is a trusted friend and member of our family. His focus is on the roots of traditional Greek cuisine with a modern twist. He loves simplicity in cooking and believes that the key to success is to use only the best ingredients. His favourite dish is linguini with fresh Myconian Lobster, slow-cooked to succulent perfection with fresh tomato, basil and seasonal herbs.