The Royal Myconian Hotel - Our Chef Suggests

Our Chef uses seasonal organic ingredients to create culinary feasts that will awaken your senses. Below are some of our signature dishes:

Seafood risotto

Ingredients: rise, clam, tomato, thyme, lime, olive oil.
Preparation: Steam the clams with thyme and lime, then use the broth to make the risotto. Serve with tomato.

Grouper with leek and celery

Ingredients: grouper, onions, celery, leek, olive oil, salt and wine.
Preparation: sauté vegetables in olive oil, add water and place the grouper on top; bake in the oven for approximately 10min.

Chicken breast with zucchini risotto

Ingredients: chicken breast, rise, zucchini, fresh onions and chicken broth.
Preparation: cook the risotto, sauté vegetables in oil and then poach in chicken broth; grill chicken and place on top of risotto.

Calf fillet with wild mushrooms

Ingredients: calf fillet, meat broth, mushrooms, porcini and brandy.
Preparation: sauté fillet and mushrooms with brandy. Add meat broth, glaze sauce and serve.

Chestnuts millefeuille

Ingredients: milk, eggs, sugar, chestnuts cream and pastry.
Preparation: boil milk with sugar and gradually add all other ingredients. Stir to cool and when mixture reaches room temperature layer it on top of pastry.

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